Holistic Counseling + Integrative Health

Holistic Counseling + Integrative Health

Tools and guidance for heart-based living

I invite you on a journey of self-discovery in an environment where you feel safe and supported.

It is incredibly healing for anyone to explore an hour about their well-being. As Certified Holistic Counselor S.I.A.F. and Integrative Health Coach AADP, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to somatic counseling, attachment and trauma work, interpersonal neurobiology and integrative nutrition; all to help you become your best possible self.

Most approaches to well-being focus on understanding ourselves intellectually. In recent years, it has become increasingly known that inquiry must include our body as an essential part of the healing process. Healing happens when a deep understanding settles inside us. This insight comes from an understanding that our mind is both embodied in our brain and nervous system as well as in our relationships. As insight integrates into a coherent narrative, we meet our Self. It’s through this connection that we recognize our capacity for conscious exploration and participate with life around us in a way we never have before.


The Freeze Response: Your Nervous System’s Response to Harsh Lifestyle Changes

Six years after completing the show The Biggest Looser, most contestants gained the their weight back. Reason for that as per National Institute of Health Institute was their slow metabolism. What shocked researcher most is that their metabolism stayed slow 6 years after the show, when it should have gone back to normal. I like of offer an alternative explanation. It is my understanding that the contestants' metabolism got stuck on 'freeze'. A response seen in individuals as physiological response to trauma, initiated by the extreme military drill style and drastic diet changes. The show chose to put contestants on an extreme weight loss, military drill regime. Both exercise and diet were implemented without transition. Those changes were too much, too fast and too soon not taking the individual's state into consideration. If you were to measure the activity of the nervous system of the contestants, you would have seen that their nervous system was highly activated. The program as well as the dietary changes were, too much, too fast and too soon. Further, the underlying issue of the weight gain was not inquired into. Often an important life events (injury, illness, childbirth, menopause as well as trauma often stemming from childhood) precedes weight gain. Food in this case is a way of coping with the unprocessed traumatic charge and emotions. Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory shows that early life traumatic experiences cab rewire neurological pathways (endocrine/metabolic) as an adaptive means of survival. In this case brain and nervous system change in response to early environmental and social influences, before individuals had the capacity to choose alternative options. Now imagine the stacking of events ... Individuals with highly activated nervous systems, with life events that were often traumatic, put on a high stress "too much too fast too soon" programs. A metabolism that stayed frozen 6 years post show.


Spring is the Season to Focus on your Digestion

As the spring season unfolds many people begin to experience problems with their digestive system or respiratory tract. It is a common misconception that these health problems originate from outside the body. Instead they are an indication that the digestive system is imbalanced and unable to handle the body’s spring detox. The way that we release toxins reflects nature. They are pushed up to the surface to be expelled from our body, via the digestive tract, respiratory tract and skin. Embrace your body's natural spring detox with the three actionable insights. Spoiler Alert: Staying away from the juice cleanse is one of them.


Video: Understanding The Food Mood Connection

There is no better time than today to stop, examine where you are with your health and plot a new direction. Take advantage of this perfect opportunity and learn how to create vital energy, by capitalizing the food-mood connection. Understand today’s health challenges and the toll they take on your body and quality of life, get a clear image of your body’s inner workings, its biochemistry and know what happens when you eat or drink a particular food, walk away with a strategy on how to live each day with a vital edge. Enjoy my presentation as key note speaker for Les Dames d’Escoffier New York on 'Understanding The Food Mood Connection: How Italian Mediterranean Food Life-styles Can Contribute to Better Health', a partnership with Casa Italiana, NYU.


The Right Food Could be the Wrong Food for You

Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, better mental focus, the first thing on your to do list is a food sensitivity test. Food sensitivity teaches us that there is no right or wrong food. Instead, there’s right food for our body. With the help of advanced diagnostics you can now determine which of the 95 commonly with food sensitivity associated foods, your body creates an inflammatory response to.


Sickness ... Or Food Sensitivity?

An estimated 45-60% of the general population suffers from serious symptoms and health conditions whose causes cannot be identified. Many of them have no idea that various forms of food sensitivity may be to blame. Reactions to food are the hidden cause behind an extraordinary array of health problems, including headaches and migraines, insomnia, and digestive disorders. An advanced diagnostic blood test now enables you to zero in on the potential foods behind your health problems, so that you can methodically eliminate them for optimal health.

Client Centric

Holistic Counseling does not diagnose. It aids the inquiry process for insights to emerge. A process that is compassionate and respectful to your needs.

Integrative Approach to Health

As we work together we look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

Spark New Insight

IndigoMuse provides a holding space so that you can focus on inquiring into your well-being.

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